Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1

Course 2301

  • Duration: Multi-Week
  • Language: English
  • Level: Foundation
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In this Enterprise COBOL online training course, you will learn the basics of Enterprise COBOL application development. Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1 includes coding the four divisions, basic logic, data definition, and sequential I/O processing.

Once you have completed Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1 the next course in this series is Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2. The Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2 course will enhance your COBOL programming skills by learning how to code and run COBOL programs that process and stores raw data, make appropriate use of copybooks, create new data sets using Transaction Master Logic, create complex reports, code tables, indices, subscripts, intrinsic functions, and appropriate compile options and learn how to use SEACH, SEACH ALL and PERFORM. Click here to learn more about Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 2.

You need to know basic z/OS JCL for JES2 or JES3, and TSO/ISPF.

Enterprise COBOL Programming Part 1 Course Benefits

  • Describe and code the layout of a basic COBOL program
  • Code COBOL programs with conditional and repetitive processing
  • Code COBOL programs that read and write sequential files
  • Compile, link and run COBOL programs using JCL.

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