Scrum Alliance Certification Training Courses

Master the Agile Manifesto by learning how to foster greater collaboration, productivity, and success among team members

  • Student Benefits
    • Strong earning potential with the average salary of Agile professionals over $90,000 per year
    • Strong career demand with over 300,000 Scrum-related job openings on Linkedin
    • Gain a highly transferable skillset by learning to work within a Scrum team (
  • Enterprise Benefits
    • Improve product delivery by getting your whole IT organization speaking the same language, from developers to leaders
    • Gain better visibility and transparency into software development projects
    • Drive more value to customers by creating better alignment between business initiatives and IT efforts
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Scrum Alliance Certification FAQs

Since 2001, Scrum Alliance has supported the agile movement as the only member-driven nonprofit certifying body in the agile space. Scrum Alliance continues to nurture the agile movement by providing education, advocacy, research, community and connection. 

After taking the associating certification training course with Learning Tree, you will receive instructions that guide you to taking your exam through Scrum Alliance. 

Scrum Alliance CSTs are more than just Scrum trainers, they are integral national and international ambassadors of Scrum and agile and Scrum Alliance. They turn learning from “informational to transformational” and actively contribute to a passionate community of change agents around the world.

A Scrum Alliance REA is a training organization like Learning Tree that provides logistical support for Scrum Alliance approved education providers like CSTs. The organizations in the REA program have demonstrated their expertise in at market visibility, student support, and customer service. REAs must meet rigorous standards in certified education provider endorsement, safeguards that ensure an excellent student experience, and ethical issue resolution and marketing practices.

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