Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program

Creating People-First Leaders for Today’s Complex Organizational Challenges

The Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program Creates Leaders Who Know How to:

  1. Make better decisions faster in the face of increasing complexity
  2. Align strategy and execution
  3. Take advantage of change and reduce fear
  4. Increase the impact of our teams on organizational performance
  5. Develop collaborative solutions by influencing and partnering with stakeholders
  6. Drive breakthrough innovation by borrowing principles of design thinking

What Makes this Certificate Program Different: Action Learning at its Best

For the Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program, Duke CE Corporate Education brings its world-renowned leadership education and business acumen to bear on Learning Tree’s extensive experience training the world’s best technologists in business and government. By connecting the cutting-edge academic research of the Duke Fuqua School of Business’s faculty with the real-world experience and practice of Learning Tree’s instructors, we have created a unique opportunity for mid-level leaders to advance their leadership skills from the best in the business. 

Unlike other leadership programs, The Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program provides:

  • Action learning experiences that include simulations, case studies, peer problem-solving, and more
  • Adoption-based return on investment
  • Engaging inquiry-based transfer of knowledge versus lecture
  • On-site course delivery
  • Global scalability
“Class was great! Loved the material and the case studies, they hit close to home.”

-Joshua F., Lead Technologist (Professional Services)

“Enlightening and engaging exercises.”

-Patricia D., Senior Trainer and Requirements Analyst (Nonprofit)

“Everyone should take this course. Organizations will be better for it, and it is necessary for professional development.”

-Kareema P, Chief of Staff (Government)

“Very engaging and thoughtful discourse.”

-Adriana V., Web Manager (Government)

The Origin Story: Research-Based Course Design

Through a partnership with Duke CE Corporate Education and the faculty at the Duke Fuqua School of Business, we interviewed top executives at major companies and governmental organizations in the US and around the world to uncover the most crucial skills gaps in leadership today. Through those discussions, six leadership capabilities emerged as the most critical – and lacking – skills required for success in today’s complex and fast-paced environments.

Based on those crucial six capabilities, we developed the six-course Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program – one course for each major skill – to prepare modern leaders for the unique challenges of today and tomorrow. They are: 

  • Translating Strategy into Results 
  • Navigating Increasing Complexity
  • Elevating Team Impact
  • Influencing Collaborative Results
  • Thriving in Dynamic Change
  • Driving Breakthrough Innovation

Duke CE Corporate Education was ranked #2 in 2022 by the Financial Times for custom education worldwide.

Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program Roadmap

Path to Impact

Duke Advanced Technology Leadership Program Roadmap

Course List and Description

  • There is no prerequisite for this program. 
  • Certificate earners must take Translating Strategy into Results first and Driving Breakthrough Innovation last. 
  • There is no time limit for completing all six courses.
  • Most learners complete the program in two years or less.

Translating Strategy Into Results | Duke CE Certificate Course | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

The first course of the program addresses the gap between strategy and its execution, which is a major challenge for many digital transformations. The course creates leaders that can achieve results in strategy implementation by taking participants through case studies and exercises that expose and provide solutions for the eight major challenges in results-based strategy implementation.

Navigating Increasing Complexity | Duke CE Certificate Course | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

Most digital transformations occur in the midst of turbulent environmental and organizational volatility and complexity. This course develops adaptive leaders that can prosper in disruptive times by identifying, thinking and responding differently. The course focuses on developing an adaptive leader who makes better decisions and leads to superior results.

Elevating Team Impact | Duke CE Certificate Course | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

Much of the action in digital transformation takes place in teams. A transformational leader knows how digital transformation affects team behavior and performance, and then inspires the right actions for better results. This course teaches how to create leaders who can establish a team structure that is flexible, collaborative, and inclusive, while also helping team members learn new things as they work.

Influencing Collaborative Solutions | Duke CE Certificate Course | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

A digital transformation must be focused on results to succeed. This is difficult in a complex environment, where solutions come from teams led by people without authority over the resources doing the transformation work. This course creates leaders who can influence stakeholders without authority and create a collaborative environment to achieve measurable results.

Thriving in Dynamic Change | Duke CE Certificate Course | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

Digital transformation leaders know that successful change implementation and adoption is essential. This course creates leaders who can successfully implement and adopt organizational change by introducing a unique bottom-up and top-down approach to planning and execution. Leaders also learn a new way to communicate during change that makes people more engaged and less anxious.

Driving Breakthrough Innovation | DukeCE Certificate Program | Learning Tree | Learning Tree

Innovation is important in digital transformation, but it's rarely emphasized in technology development. This course teaches leaders how to lead formal and informal innovation initiatives, using a three-step process. The process involves focusing on user needs, identifying boundaries across departments, and continuous experimentation to learn, develop and improve.

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