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According to a Thales study, 
60% of the world’s corporate data is stored in the cloud source

Investing in cloud computing training can enhance your team's capabilities, increase productivity, and keep your business ahead of the curve. As cloud computing is a critical component of modern IT infrastructure, mastering it is essential for any forward-thinking organization. By prioritizing a strong cloud computing strategy and developing skills in areas such as infrastructure, security, availability, scalability, monitoring, and cost optimization, businesses can leverage the benefits of cloud computing to drive growth and innovation.

Learning Tree provides a wide range of Cloud Computing solutions to help your business maximize efficiency and productivity, including:

  • Over 60 practical, hands-on, and instructor-led trainings in leading applications like Azure, AWS, and general cloud computing
  • Official Microsoft and AWS Courseware to ensure individuals receive the most up-to-date and accurate information on how to use and manage the cloud effectively.
  • Flexible curriculum that allows you to customize your solutions for migrating, developing and administering the cloud
  • Individual and group-based coaching to help your organization get the most out of your cloud computing

Cloud computing is a versatile field that can benefit a wide range of professionals and organizations. IT professionals can benefit from cloud computing by streamlining infrastructure, improving data management, and increasing efficiency. Business professionals such as project managers, business analysts, and executives can benefit from understanding cloud computing to make informed decisions about IT strategy and implementation.

There are several ways to utilize Learning Tree offerings to become skilled in Cloud Computing:


Individuals may utilize organizational resources such as training budgets or tuition reimbursement for payment.


Certification courses, skills-based courses, and coaching: 

  • For groups
  • For individuals
  • On-site at place of work
  • In-person at a Learning Tree Education Center
  • Virtual

Learning Tree provides practical, hands-on, and instructor-led training in leading applications.

Course Offerings

Our 5 most popular project management courses are: 

For a full list of Cloud Computing courses, visit: Cloud Computing | Learning Tree

Meet a Few of Our Cloud Computing Instructors

Arnold Villeneuve

Learning Tree MCT and Instructor

Arnold Villeneuve

Eylem Uysal

Learning Tree MCT and Instructor

Eylem Uysal

Abhinav Goyal

Learning Tree Instructor

Abhinav Goyal

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